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Последнее обновление энциклопедии: 31.07.2017

A Aardvark; Aaron, Lee; Abacus; ABBA; ABC; Abdul, Paula; Abel Ganz; Abercrombie, John; Abrahams, Mick; Accept; AC/DC; Ace; Ace Of Base; Ackles, David; Action; Adam & The Ants; Adams, Bryan; Adverts; Aera; Aerosmith; A Flock Of Seagulls; Affinity; After The Fire; Agitation Free; Aguilera, Christina; A-ha; Air; Air Supply; Airey, Don; Akkerman, Jan; Aksak Maboul; A La Carte; Al Bano & Romina Power; Alabama; Alan Bown Set; Alan Parsons Project; Alarm; Alcatrazz; Alexander, Arthur; Alice in Chains; Alien Sex Fiend; Allen, Daevid; Allman Brothers Band; Allison, Luther; All Saints; Almond, Marc; Alpert, Herb; Alphaville; Alquin; Altered Images; Amazing Blondel; AMBIENT (муз. стиль); Ambrosia; Amboy Dukes; Amen Corner; America; American Breed; AMM; Amon Duul; Amon Duul II; Amos, Tori; Ancient Grease / Big Sleep; Anderson, Laurie; Anderson, Jon; Andromeda; Andwella's Dream / Andwella; Anekdoten; Ange; Angel; Anglagard; Animals; Animotion; Anka, Paul; Anthrax; Anvil; Anyone’s Daughter; AOR (муз. стиль); Aorta; Aphrodite's Child; Appice, Carmine; APPLE RECORDS (лейбл); Applejacks; April Wine; Arc / Skip Bifferty; Archies; Arden, Don; Area; Arena; Argent, Rod; Arkham; Armageddon; Armatrading, Joan; Armored Saint; Armstrong, Louis; Army of Lovers; Arnold P.P.; Arrival; Art; Art Bears; Art Ensemble Of Chicago; Art Of Noise; Art Zoyd; ART-ROCK (муз. стиль); Arthur Lee & Love; Artwoods; Arzachel; Ash Ra; Ashton, Gardner & Dyke; Ashton, Tony; Asia; Associates; Association; Association P.C.; Asterix; Astley, Rick; Atkins, Chet; Atlanta Rhythm Section; Atlantic Starr; Atlantis; Atoll; Atomic Rooster; Attack; Audience; Auger, Brian; Austin, Patti; Automatic Man; Avalon, Frankie; AVANT GUARD (муз. стиль); Average White Band; Aviator; Axe; Axelrod, David; Ayers, Kevin; Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation; Ayreon; Aztec Camera; 

B B-52's; Babe Ruth; Babys; Baccara; Bachdenkel; Bachman, Randy; Bachman-Turner Overdrive; Back Door; Bad Boys Blue; Bad Brains; Bad Company; Bad English; Badger; Bad Religion; Badfinger; Badlands; Baez, Joan; Bain, Jimmy; Baker, Chet; Baker, Ginger; Bakerloo; Baldry, Long John; Ballard, Russ; Bananarama; Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso; Band; Band Of Gypsys; Bangles; Banks, Peter; Banks, Tony; Barclay James Harvest; Bardens, Peter; Barrett, Syd; Basie, Count; Bassey, Shirley; Batt, Mike; Batten, Jennifer; Battered Ornaments; Bauhaus; Bay City Rollers; B.B. Blunder; Beach Boys; Beatles; Beau Brummels; Beaver & Krause; Be-Bop Deluxe; Beck, Bogert & Appice; Beck, Jeff; Bedford, David; Bee Gees; Bees Make Honey; Beggar's Opera; Belew, Adrian; BELGIAN PROG-ROCK; Bell, Maggie; Belle Epoque; Benatar, Pat; Bennett, Tony; Benson, George; Berlin; Berry, Chuck; Berry, Dave; Best, Pete; Big Brother & The Holding Co.; Big Country; Big Three; Bijelo Dugme; Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas; Birds; Birkin, Jane; Birth Control; Birthday Party; Bishop, Elvin; Bjork; Black, Cilla; Black Cat Bones; Black Crowes; Black Flag; Blackfoot; Blackmore, Ritchie; Blackmore's Night; Black Oak Arkansas; Black Sabbath; Black Sheep; Black Uhuru; Black Widow; Blake, Tim; Blakey, Art; Blasters; Blegvad, Peter; Bley, Carla; Blind Faith; Blodwyn Pig; Blonde On Blonde; Blondie; Blood, Sweat & Tears; Bloodrock; Bloomfield, Mike; Blossom Toes; Blue Cheer; Blue Mink; Blue Murder; Blue Oyster Cult; Blues Band; Blues Brothers; Blues Magoos; Blues Project; BLUES-ROCK (муз. стиль); Blunstone, Colin; Blur; Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band; Bobby Fuller Four; Bodast; Bodine; Bodkin; Bolan, Mark; Bolin, Tommy; Bolton, Michael; Bon Jovi; Bond, Graham; Boney M; Bonfire; Bonham, Jason; Bonham, John; Bonnet, Graham; Bonzo Dog (Doo Dah) Band; Booker T & The MG's; Boomtown Rats; Boston; Bowie, David; Bown, Alan; Bow Wow Wow; Boy George; Bozzio, Terry; Brainticket; Branca, Glenn; Brand X; Branigan, Laura; Brave Belt; Braxton, Anthony; Braxton, Toni; Bread; Breeders; Brel, Jacques; Brian Setzer Orchestra; Brightman, Sarah; Brinsley Schwarz; BRITISH INVASION (муз. явление); Bronski Beat/Communards; Brooks, Elkie; Brotherhood Of Man; Brown, Arthur; Brown, James; Brown, Pete (& Piblokto!); Brown, Sam; Browne, Jackson; Brownsville Station; Brubeck, Dave; Bruce, Jack; Bruford, Bill; Buchanan, Roy; Buckinghams; Buckley, Tim; Bucks Fizz; Budgie; Buffalo; Buffalo Springfield; Buggles; Burdon, Eric; Burnin' Red Ivanhoe; Butthole Surfers; Burgh, Chris de; Bush, Kate; Butterfield, Paul; Buzzcocks; Byrds; Byrne, David; Byron, David; 

C Cabaret Voltaire; Cacophony; Cactus; Cage, John; Cale, John; Cale, J.J.; California Guitar Trio; California, Randy; Camel; Can; Canned Heat; CANTERBURY (муз. стиль); Capability Brown; Capaldi, Jim; Captain Beefheart & Magic Band; Captain Beyond; Caravan; Cardigans; Carey, Mariah; Carey, Tony; Carlisle, Belinda; Carmen; Carmen, Eric; Carnes, Kim; Carpenters; Carra, Raffaella; Carrack, Paul; Cars; Cash, Johnny; Catapilla; Catch, C.C.; Cave, Nick; Celentano, Adriano; Celtic Frost; Cerrone; Chad & Jeremy; Chao, Manu; CHARISMA RECORDS (лейбл); Charlatans (UK); Charles, Ray; Charlie; Charlie Daniels Band; Chase, Bill; Chastain, David; Cheap Trick; Checker, Chubby; Chemical Brothers; Cher; Cherry, Don; Chess (мюзикл); CHESS RECORDS (лейбл); Chic; Chicago; Chicken Shack; Chiffons; Chilliwack; Chilly; China Crisis; Chocolate Watchband; Christie; CHRYSALIS RECORDS (лейбл); Church; Cinderella; Circle Jerks; Clannad; Clapton, Eric; Clark, Petula; Clarke, William; Clarke, Stanley; Clash; Classix Nouveaux; Climax Blues Band; Cline, Patsy; Cluster; Coasters; Cobain, Kurt; Cobham, Billy; Cobra; Cochran, Eddie; Cocker, Joe; Cocteau Twins; Cohen, Leonard; Coil; Colaiuta, Vinnie; Cole, Nat King; Cole, Natalie; Coleman, Ornette; Collins, Albert; Collins, Mel; Collins, Phil; Colosseum / Colosseum II; Coltrane, John; Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen; Commodores; Communards / Bronski Beat; Comus; Cooder, Ry; Cooke, Sam; Cooper, Alice; Cooper, Lindsay; Corea, Chick; Cornucopia; Corrs; Cortinas; Cos; Costello, Elvis; Country Joe And The Fish; COUNTRY-ROCK (муз. стиль); Coupla Prog; Coverdale, David; Cranberries; Cray, Robert; Crazy Horse; Crazy World of Arthur Brown; Cream; Creation / Mark Four; Creedence Clearwater Revival; Cressida; Crimson Glory; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Cross, David; Crow, Sheryl; Crowded House; Crystals; Cuby & The Blizzards; Cult; Culture Club; Cure; Curved Air; Cutugno, Toto; Cyrkle;

D Daisley, Bob; Dale, Dick; Dalida; Damn Yankees; Damned; Danny & The Juniors; D'Arby, Terence Trent; Dare; Dark Angel; Darts; Dassin, Joe; Dave Clark Five; Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich; Dave Matthews Band; David, F.R.; Davies, Cyril; Davis, Miles; Davis, Spencer; D.D. Sound; Deacon, John; Dead Can Dance; Dead Kennedys; Dean, Roger; Deep Forest; Deep Purple; De Lucia, Paco; Def Leppard; Deftones; Delaney & Bonnie; Delirium; Demon; Denny, Sandy; Denver, John; Depeche Mode; Derringer, Rick; Deviants; Deville, Willy; Devo; Dexy's Midnight Runners; Diamond, Neil; Diamond Head; Dickinson, Bruce; Dictators; Diddley, Bo; Di Meola, Al; Dio, Ronnie James; Dion, Celine; Dion & The Belmonts; Dire Straits; Dirkschneider, Udo; DISCO (муз. стиль); Divine Comedy; Dixie Dregs; Dixon, Willie; Djam Karet; Dokken; Dolby, Thomas; Domino, Fats; Donegan, Lonnie; Donovan; Doors; Doobie Brothers; Doro & Warlock; Downes, Geoff; Downliners Sect; Ducks Deluxe; Duke, George; Dunbar, Aynsley; Duran Duran; Dury, Ian; Dust; Duval, Frank; Drake, Nick; Dream Syndicate; Dream Theater; Dr. Feelgood; Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show; Dr. John; Drifters; Driscoll, Julie; Dschinghis Khan; Dylan, Bob;

E Eagles; Earth & Fire; Earth, Wind & Fire; East Of Eden; Easton, Sheena; Easybeats; Echo & The Bunnymen; Eclection; Eddie And The Hot Rods; Edgar Broughton Band; Edmunds, Dave; Egg; Ekseption; Electric Flag; Electric Light Orchestra (ELO); Electric Sandwich; Electric Prunes; ELECTRONICA (муз. стиль); Elephant's Memory; Elf; Elliman, Yvonne; Ellington, Duke; Eloy; Ely, Joe; Embryo; Emergency; Emerson, Keith; Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP); Enid; Enigma; Eno, Brian; En Vogue; Entwistle, John; Enya; Episode Six; Epitaph; Epstein, Brian; Erasure; Eruption; Esperanto; Essex, David; Estefan, Gloria; Ethos; Europe; Eurythmics; Everly Brothers; Everything But the Girl; Evita (мюзикл); Exceptions; Extreme; Eyes Of Blue; Eyre, Tommy;

F Faces; Fairport Convention; Faith, Adam; Faithfull, Marianne; Faith No More; Falco; Fall; Faltskog, Agnetha; Fame, Georgie; Family; Fandango (UK); Fandango (USA); Fanny; Fantasy; Fargo; Farian, Frank; Farlowe, Chris; Farmer, Mylene; Fates Warning; Fat Mattress; Fats Domino; Faust; Fenwick, Ray; Feliciano, Jose; Ferry, Bryan; Fields; Fields Of The Nephilim; Finch; Fire; Firm; Fish; Fitzgerald, Ella; Five Man Electrical Band; Fixx; Flack, Roberta; Flash; Fleetwood Mac; Fleur De Lys; Flock; Floh De Cologne; Flotsam & Jetsam; Flower Kings; Floer Pot Men; Flying Burrito Brothers; FM; Focus; Fogelberg, Dan; Fogerty, John; Foghat; FOLK-ROCK (муз. стиль); Fourmost; Four Pennies; Four Seasons; Four Tops; Forcefield; Ford, Lita; Foreigner; Fortunes; Fox; Fox, Samanta; Foxx, John; Frampton, Peter; Francois, Claude; Franke, Christopher; Frankie Goes To Hollywood; Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers; Franklin, Aretha; Franklin, Tony; Franks, Michael; Franz Ferdinand; Freddie & Dreamers; Free; Freed, Alan; Freedom; Frida (Anni-Frid Lyngstad); Friedman, Marty; Frijid Pink; Fripp, Robert; Frisell, Bill; Frumpy; Fruupp; Fugs; Fun Boy Three; Funkadelic / Parliament; FUSION (муз. стиль); Future Sound Of London; Fuzzy Duck;

G Gabriel, Peter; Gainsbourg, Serge; Galas, Diamanda; Gale, Eric; Gallagher, Rory; Gamma Ray; Gang of Four; GARAGE ROCK (муз. стиль); Garbage; Gary Lewis & Playboys; Gary Puckett & Union Gap; Gaye, Marvin; Gaynor, Gloria; Geldof, Bob; Gene Loves Jezebel; Genesis; Gentle Giant; Geordie; Gerry & the Pacemakers; Gershwin, George; Getz, Stan; Gibbons, Steve; Giles, Giles & Fripp; Gilgamesh; Gilla; Gillan, Ian; Gillen, Ray; Gillespie, Dizzy; Gilmour, David; Giltrap, Gordon; Gipsy Kings; Girl; Girlschool; Giuffria; GLAM-ROCK (муз. стиль); Glass, Philip; Glitter, Gary; Glover, Roger; Gnidrolog; Gods; Godz; Go-Go's; Golden Earring; Goldman, Jean Jacques; Gomelsky, Giorgio; Gong; Goodman, Steve; Goo Goo Dolls; Gordon, Robert; Gordy, Berry; Gotthard; Gov't Mule; Gracious!; Graham Bond Organization; Gramm, Lou; Grand Funk RailRoad; Grant, Peter; Grapefruit; Grass Roots; Grateful Dead; Gravy Train; Great White; Green Day; Green On Red; Green, Peter; Greenslade; Grim Reaper; Grobschnitt; Groundhogs; GRUNGE (муз. стиль); Gryphon; GTR; Guano Apes; Guess Who; Gun; Guns N' Roses; Guru Guru; Guy, Buddy;

H Hackett, Steve; Hagar, Sammy; Hagen, Nina; Hair; Haircut 100; Haley, Bill; Hall & Oates; Hallyday, Johnny; Hammill, Peter; Hammond, John; Hancock, Herbie; Hands; Hanoi Rocks; Happy The Man; HARD-ROCK (муз. стиль); Hardin, Tim; Hard Stuff; Harley, Steve; Harper, Roy; Harris, Emmylou; Harrison, George; Hartley, Keef; Harvey, Alex; Hatfield & The North; Hawkwind; Hayes, Isaac; Haza, Ofra; Head, Murray; Headpins; Heart; Heartbreakers; Heaven 17; HEAVY-METAL (муз. стиль); Heavy Metal Kids; Helix; Hell, Richard; Helloween; Help Yourself; Helstar; Hendrix, Jimi; Henry Cow; Hensley, Ken; Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass; Herd; Herman's Hermits; Hill, Tony (High Tide); Hillage, Steve; Hipgnosis; Hitchcock, Robyn; Hodgson, Roger; Holder, Noddy; Holdsworth, Allan; Hole; Holiday, Billie; Hollies; Holloway, Loleatta; Holly, Buddy; Honeycombs; Hooker, John Lee; Hopkin, Mary; Hopkins, Nicky; Hopper, Hugh; Horslips; Hot Chocolate; Hot Tuna; House Of Lords; Houston, Whitney; Howe, Steve; H.P.Lovecraft; Huey Lewis And The News; Hughes, Glenn; Human League; Humble Pie; Humperdinck, Engelbert; Hunt, Marsha; Hunter, Ian; Hunter, Long John; Husker Du; 

I Iced Earth; Ides Of March; Idle Race; Idol, Billy; If; Iglesias, Enrique; Iglesias, Julio; Ike & Tina Turner; Illes; Imagination; In Crowd / Tomorrow; Incredible String Band; Indian Summer; Indochine; Insect Trust; INXS; Iommi, Tony; IQ; Irish Coffee; Iron Butterfly; Iron Horse; Iron Maiden / Bum; Iron Maiden; Isaak, Chris; ISLAND RECORDS (лейбл); ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL '70; Isley Brothers; Isopoda; It Bites; It's A Beautiful Day; Iveys; 

J Jackson Heights; Jackson, Janet; Jackson, Michael; Jackson Five; Jackson, Wanda; Jade Warrior; Jagger, Mick; Jam; Jamal, Ahmad; James Gang; James, Elmore; James, Etta; Jamiroquai; Jan & Dean; Jane; Japan; Jarre, Jean-Michelle; Jarreau, Al; Jarrett, Keith; Jayhawks; JAZZ (муз. стиль); JAZZ-ROCK (муз. стиль); Jeff Beck Group; Jeff Healey Band; Jefferson Airplane - Starship; Jesus Christ Superstar; Jeronimo; Jethro Tull; Jett, Joan; J. Geils Band; Jimi Hendrix Experience; Jo Jo Gunne; Jobson, Eddie; Jody Grind; Joel, Billy; John, Elton; John Dummer Blues Band; Johnny Hates Jazz; Johnny Kidd & The Pirates; John's Children; Johnson, Eric; Jones, Brian; Jones, Grace; Jones, Howard; Jones, John Paul; Jones, Quincy; Jones, Tom; Jonesy; Joplin, Janis; Journey; Joy; Joy Division; Judas Priest; Juicy Lucy; 

K Kaas, Patricia; Kansas; Kaipa; Kajagoogoo; Kaleidoscope (UK); Kaleidoscope (USA); Karthago; Kayak; Kaye, Tony; KC & The Sunshine Band; Keats; Kelly Family; Kenny G; Kenny & The Kasuals; Kershaw, Nik; Khan; Killing Floor; Killing Joke; Kin Ping Meh; King, Albert; King, B.B.; King, Carole; King, Freddie; King Crimson; King Diamond; King Kobra; Kingdom Come; King's X; Kingsmen; Kinks; Kino; Kiss; Kitaro; Klaatu; KLF; Knack; Knopfler, Mark; Kokomo; Kollektiv; Kool & The Gang; Korgis; Korner, Alexis; Kraan; Kraftwerk; Krall, Diana; Krause, Dagmar; KRAUT-ROCK (муз. стиль); Kravitz, Lenny; Kreator; Kristofferson, Kris; Krokodil; Krokus; Kursaal Flyers;

L La Bionda; L.A.Guns; Laine, Denny; Lake, Greg; Lane, Lana; Lane, Ronnie; Lang, K.D.; Lauper, Cyndi; Laurelie; Law; Lawton, John; Le Orme; Leaf Hound; Lear, Amanda; Led Zeppelin; Lee, Alvin; Lee, Arthur; Lee, Brenda; Left Banke; Legs Diamond; Leiber & Stoller; Lemon Pipers; Leningrad Cowboys; Lennon, John; Lennon, Julian; Les Humphries Singers; Level 42; Levellers; Levin, Tony; Lewis, Jerry Lee; Lindisfarne; Lime; Limp Bizkit; Liquid Tension Experiment; Little Feat; Little Richard; Little River Band; Little Walter; Liverpool Express; Livin' Blues; Locomotiv GT; Locomotive; Lomax, Jackie; Lone Justice; Lone Star; Long Ryders; Lopez, Jennifer; Lord, Jon; Lord Sutch; Lords; Lords Of The New Church; Los Lobos; Loudness; Love Affair; Love, Courtney; Love Sculpture; Loverboy; Lovich, Lene; Lovin' Spoonful; Lowe, Nick; Lucassen, Arjen; Lucifer's Friend; Lulu; Lynne, Jeff; Lynott, Phil; Lynyrd Skynyrd;

M Mabel Greer's Toy Shop; Macalpine, Tony; Mack, Lonnie; Mackay, Andy; Made In Sweden; Madness; Madonna; Mae, Vanessa; Magellan; Magma; Magna Carta; Magnum; Mahal, Taj; Mahogany Rush; Malmsteen, Yngwie; Mamas & Papas; Man; Manfred Mann; Manfred Mann's Earth Band; Manhattan Transfer; Manic Street Preachers; Manilla Road; Manilow, Barry; Manowar; Manson, Marilyn; Manzanera, Phil; Marillion; Marino, Frank; Mark-Almond; Mark Four / Creation; Marley, Bob; Marmalade; Marriott, Steve; Marsden, Bernie; Marshall Tucker Band; Martha & the Vandellas; Martin, George; Martin, Ricky; Martyn, John; Marx, Richard; Mason, Dave; Matching Mole; Mathieu, Mireille; Matia Bazar; Matthews, Ian; Mauriat, Paul; May Blitz; May, Brian; Mayall, John; Mayfield, Curtis; Maywood; MC 5; McCartney, Linda; McCartney, Paul; McCulloch, Jimmy; McCullough, Henry; McDonald, Country Joe; McFerrin, Bobby; McGuinness Flint; McGuire, Barry; McLaren, Malcolm; McLaughlin, John; McLean, Don; Meat Loaf; Medicine Head; Meek, Joe; Megadeth; Melanie; Mellencamp, John Cougar; Mellow Candle; Men At Work; Men Without Hats; Mercury, Freddie; MERCURY RECORDS (лейбл); Mercyful Fate; MERSEY-BEAT (муз. стиль); Merseybeats; Metal Church; Metallica; Metheny, Pat; Michael, George; Michael Schenker Group; Middle Of The Road; Mike&The Mechanics; Miller, Glenn; Miller, Steve; Mindbenders; Mingus, Charles; Mink Deville; Minnelli, Liza; Minogue, Kylie; Misfits; Misunderstood; Mitchell, Joni; Moby; Moby Grape; Mockingbirds; Modern Jazz Quartet; Modern Talking; MODS (муз. стиль); Molly Hatchet; Money, Eddie; Money, Zoot; Monk, Thelonious; Monkees; Monks; MONTEREY POP FESTIVAL '67; Montoya, Coco; Montrose, Ronnie; Moody Blues; Moog, Robert; Moon, Keith; Moore, Gary; Moore, Vinnie; Moraz, Patrick; Morissette, Alanis; Moroder, Giorgio; Morrison, Jim; Morrison, Van; Morse, Steve; Most, Mickie; Motley Crue; Motorhead; Motors; MOTOWN RECORDS (лейбл); Mott The Hoople; Mountain; Mouse And The Traps; Move; Moxy; Moyet, Alison; Mr. Big; Mr. Bungle; Mr. Mister; Mud; Mungo Jerry; Muse; Music Machine; Myles, Alannah;

N Nashville Teens; National Health; Nazareth; Nazz; Nektar; Nelson, Bill; Nelson, Rick; Nelson; Neu!; New Order; New Riders Of The Purple Sage; NEW ROMANTIC (муз. стиль); New Trolls; NEW WAVE (муз. стиль); New York Dolls; Newman, Randy; News From Babel; Newton-John, Olivia; Nice; Nico; Night Ranger; Nilsson, Harry; Nirvana (U.K.); Nirvana (USA); No Doubt; Novalis; November; Nucleus; Nugent, Ted; Numan, Gary; N.W.O.B.H.M. (муз. движение); Nyman, Michael; Nyro, Laura; 'N Sync; 

O Oasis; Oblivion Express; Ocasek, Ric; Ocean, Billy; O'Connor, Sinead; Octopus; Odetta; Offspring; Oldfield, Mike; Oldham, Andrew Loog; OMD; Omega; One In A Million; Only Ones; Ono, Yoko; Opus; Orange Bicycle; ORB; Orbison, Roy; Orlando, Tony; Orlons; Osanna; Osibisa; Osmonds; O'Sullivan, Gilbert; Ottawan; Out Of Focus; Outlaws (UK); Outlaws (USA); Overkill; Ozark Mountain Daredevils; Ozric Tentacles; Ozzy Osbourne;

P Page, Jimmy; Paice, Ian; Palmer, Carl; Palmer, Robert; Paper Lace; Paradis, Vanessa; Paradise Lost; Paramounts; Parker, Charles; Parker, Graham; Parliament / Funkadelic; Parsons, Alan; Parsons, Gram; Parton, Dolly; Pastorius, Jaco; Pat Metheny Group; Patti, Guesch; Patto / Timebox; Paul Brett Sage; Paul Butterfield Blues Band; Paul Revere And The Raiders; Paul, Les; Pavlov's Dog; Pazop; Peanut Butter Conspiracy; Pearl Jam; Peel, John; Peggy's Leg; Pentagram; Pendragon; Penguin Cafe Orchestra; Pentangle; Pentwater; Perkins, Carl; Perry, Joe; Persuasions; Pet Shop Boys; Peter & Gordon; Peter Paul & Mary; Peterson, Oscar; Petra; Petty, Tom; Phenomena; Phillips, Anthony; Phillips, Shawn; Piblokto!; Pilot; Pink Fairies; Pink Floyd; Pitney, Gene; Pixies; Placebo; Planet P Project; Plant, Robert; Platters; Poco; Pogues; Poison; Police; Ponty, Jean-Luc; Pop, Iggy; POP-ROCK (муз. стиль); Popol Vuh; Porcupine Tree; Portishead; Powell, Cozy; Present; Presley, Elvis; Preston, Billy; Pretenders; Pretty Maids; Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM); Pretty Things; Price, Alan; Primal Scream; Prince; Procol Harum; Prodigy; PROGRESSIVE (муз. стиль); Propaganda; Pseudo Echo; PSYCHEDELIC (муз. стиль); Psychedelic Furs; Public Image Limited; Pulp; PUNK-ROCK (муз. стиль); Purple Gang; Pussycat;

Q Quatermass; Quatro, Suzi; Queen; Queensryche; Quicksilver Messenger Service; Quiet Riot; Quintessence; Q65;

R Radiohead; Rafferty, Gerry; Rainbow; Raitt, Bonnie; Ramatam; Ramazzotti, Eros; Rammstein; Ramone, Phil; Ramones; Randy Pie; Rare Bird; Rare Earth; Rascals; Raspberries; Rattles; Raven; RCA RECORDS (лейбл); Rea, Chris; Records; Redbone; Redding, Otis; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Reed, Jimmy; Reed, Lou; Reeves, Jim; REGGAE (муз. стиль); Reich, Steve; Reid, Terry; Reinhardt, Django; R.E.M.; Remo Four; Renaissance; Reo Speedwagon; Replacements; Residents; Return To Forever; Revere, Paul & The Raiders; Rhinoceros; Rice, Tim; Rich, Charlie; Richard, Cliff; Richards, Keith; Richie, Lionel; Riff Raff; Right Said Fred; Righteous Brothers; Riley, Terry; R.I.O. (муз. стиль); Rita Mitsouko; Rivers, Johnny; Robinson, Smokey; Robinson, Tom; Roches; ROCK (муз. стиль); ROCK-N-ROLL (муз. стиль); ROCK AND ROLL CIRCUS; ROCKABILLY (муз. стиль); Rockets; Rodgers, Rockpile; Paul; Rolling Stones; Rollins Band; Ronettes; Ronson, Mick; Ronstadt, Linda; Ross, Diana; Roussos, Demis; Roxette; Roxy Music; Rubettes; Rufus; Rufus Zuphall; Runaways; Rundgren, Todd; Running Wild; Rush; Rush, Otis; Russell, Leon; R&B (муз. стиль); 

S Sabrina; Sade; Saga; Sailor; Sakamoto, Riuichi; Salsoul Orchestra; Sambora, Richie; Samla Mammas Manna; Samson; Sandra; Santa Esmeralda; Santana; Satriani, Joe; Savatage; Savoy Brown; Saxon; Sayer, Leo; Scaffold; Scaggs, Boz; Schenker, Michael; Schulze, Klaus; Screaming Lord Sutch; Scorpions; Sea Level; Seal; Searchers; Seatrain; Second Hand; Secret Service; Sedaka, Neil; Seeds; Seekers; Seger, Bob; Sensational Alex Harvey Band; Sex Pistols; Shadows; Shagrat; Shakatak; Shakira; Shalamar; Shangri-Las; Shankar, Ravi; Shannon, Del; Shapiro, Helen; Shaw, Sandie; Sheridan, Tony; Shirelles; Shivaree; Shocking Blue; Shooting Star; Shorter, Wayne; Shotgun Express; Showaddywaddy; Shriekback; Silent Circle; Siddhartha; Silver Apples; Silver Convention; Silverhead; Simon, Carly; Simon Dupree & The Big Sound; Simon & Garfunkel; Simone, Nina; Simper, Nick; Simple Minds; Simply Red; Sinatra, Frank; Sinfield, Peter; Siouxsie & the Banshees; Sir Lord Baltimore; Sisters Of Mercy; Skid Row / Sebastian Bach; Skin Alley; Skip Bifferty / Arc; Sky; Slade; Slapp Happy; Slash; Slayer; Slik; Sly & The Family Stone; Small Faces; Smashing Pumpkins; Smith, Bessie; Smith, Patti; Smiths; Smoke; Smokie; Snafu; Soft Boys; Soft Cell; Soft Machine; Sonic Youth; Sonics; Sonny & Cher; Somerville, Jimmy; Sopwith Camel; SOUL (муз. стиль); Soul Asylum; Soul Caravan; Soundgarden; Souther Hillman Furay Band; Space; Spandau Ballet; Sparks; Spears, Britney; Specials; Spector, Phil; Spedding, Chris; Spencer Davis Group; Spice Girls; Spin; Spirit; Spirogyra; Split Enz; Spock's Beard; Spooky Tooth; Spring; Springfield, Dusty; Springsteen, Bruce; Spyro Gyra; Squeeze; Squier, Billy; Staccatos; Stack Waddy; Stackridge; Standells; Stansfield, Lisa; Starcastle; Starr, Ringo; Stars On 45; Status Quo; Stealers Wheel; Steamhammer; Steampacket; Steele, Tommy; Steeleye Span; Steely Dan; Steppenwolf; Steve Gibbons Band; Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel; Steve Miller Band; Stevens, Cat; Stevens, Shakin'; Stewart, Al; Stewart, Eric; Stewart, Rod; Stiff Little Fingers; Stigwood, Robert; Sting; Stivell, Alan; Stockhausen, Karlheinz; Stone Roses; Stone Temple Pilots; Stone The Crows; Stooges; Stories; Stormy Six; Stradlin, Izzy; Stranglers; Stratton-Smith, Tony; Strawbs; Stray; Stray Cats; Streetheart; Streetwalkers; Streisand, Barbra; Stretch; String Driven Thing; Strummer, Joe; Style Council; Styx; Suicide; Summer, Donna; Summers, Andy; Sun Ra; Supermax; Supertramp; Supersister; Supremes; SURF MUSIC (муз. стиль); Survivor; Sutcliffe, Stuart; SWAN SONG (лейбл); Sweat, Keith; Sweeney's Men; Sweet;  Sweet Smoke; Swinging Blue Jeans; Sykes, John; Sylvian, David; Syn;

T T2; Take That; Talking Heads; Talk Talk; Tangerine Dream; Taste; Taylor, Cecil; Taylor, James; Taylor, Mick; Taylor, Roger; Taylor, Vince; Teach In; Teardrop Explodes; Tea & Symphony; Tears For Fears; TECHNO (муз. стиль); Television; Tempest; Temptations; Ten CC; Ten Years After; Tesla; Tetragon; Texas; The The; Them; Thin Lizzy; Thompson, Richard; Thompson Twins; Thorgerson, Storm; Thorogood, George; Three Degrees; Three Dog Night; Thunder; Thunders, Johnny; Tikaram, Tanita; ‘Til Tuesday; Timebox / Patto; Tir Na Nog; Titanic; Tom Petty & Heartbreakers; Tom Robinson Band; Tomorrow / In Crowd; Tommy James & The Shondells; Toe Fat; Tony Orlando & Dawn; Tool; Tornados; Tortoise; Toto; Tower Of Power; Toyah; Trace; Tractor; Traffic; Tranquility; Transatlantic; Trans-Siberian Orchestra; Trapeze; Traveling Wilburys; Travers, Pat; Tremeloes; T.Rex; Trikolon; Trinity; Triumph; Triumvirat; Troggs; Trouble; Trower, Robin; Turner, Joe Lynn; Turner, Tina; Tucky Buzzard; Turtles; Tuxedomoon; Twisted Sister; Tyburn Tall; Tygers Of Pan Tang; Tyler, Bonnie; Tzuke, Judie;

U UB-40; U.D.O.; UFO; U.K.; U.K. Subs; Ultravox; Undertakers; Unit 4+2; United States Of America; Univers Zero; Ure, Midge; Uriah Heep; U-2;

V Vai, Steve; Valens, Ritchie; Vandenberg; Vandross, Luther; Van Der Graaf Generator; Van Halen; Vangelis; Vanilla Fudge; Vanity Fare; Vannelli, Gino; Vaughan, Jimmie; Vaughan, Stevie Ray; Vaya Con Dios; Vee, Bobby; Vega, Suzanne; Velvet Opera; Velvet Underground; Velvett Fogg; Vengeance; Venom; Ventures; Verve; Vibrators; Victory; Vincent, Gene; Vinegar Joe; V.I.P.'s; Virgin Steele; Visage; Visconti, Tony; Vixen; Voivod; Vollenweider, Andreas; Voormann, Klaus;

W Waits, Tom; Wakeman, Rick; Walker Brothers; Walker, T-Bone; Wallace Collection; Wallenstein; Wang Chung; Warhol, Andy; Warhorse; Warlock; Warrant; Washington, Dinah; Washington, Grover Jr.; W.A.S.P.; Waterboys; Waterloo; Waters, Muddy; Waters, Roger; Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders; Wayne, Carl; Weather Report; Webber, Andrew Lloyd; Weezer; Wetton, John; Wet Wet Wet; Wet Willie; Wham!;  White Lion; White, Barry; White, Doogie; White, Snowy; White, Tony Joe; Whitesnake; White Zombie; Who; Wild Turkey; Wilde, Kim; Williams, Robbie; Williams, Tony; Wilson, Brian; Wilson, Steven; Wilson, Cassandra; Wilson Phillips; Wings; Winehouse, Amy; Winter, Johnny; Winwood, Stevie; Wishbone Ash; Wizzard; Wolf, Howlin'; Wonder, Stevie; Wood, Ronnie; Wood, Roy; WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL '69; Wray, Link; Wright, Richard; Wyatt, Robert; Wyman, Bill;

X X; Xhol; Xhol Caravan; XTC;

Y Yanni; Yardbirds; Yazoo; Yello; Yes; Yezda Urfa; Y & T; Young, Neil; Young, Paul; Youngbloods;

Z Zappa, Frank; Zawinul, Joe; Zephyr; Zombies; Zomby Woof; Zorn, John; Zucchero; Zyma; ZZ Top; 

# .38 Special; 10 CC; 10000 Maniacs; 13th Floor Elevators; 2 Unlimited; 2066 And Then; 21st Century Schizoid Band; ? And The Mysterians... 



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